*All images on my website and social media are taken on my Phone "on the go". Many of my clients use a tripod or the help of their loved ones (mostly kids) 

The Visual Messaging Mentorship Program Gets You Results

This program is designed to be extremely practical. You’ll get some theory, so you understand what needs to be in your images, but it’s not all about coaching, it’s about implementation.

While in the program, you’ll discover

  • what kind of images you need and why they work (Pillar #1 "Persuasive images" of my Persuasive Photography Method).

  • how to get them effortlessly without wasting your time (Pillar #2 "Images On The Go")

  • how to bring your message into each image (Pillar#3 "Visual Messaging)

I’ll be there, during the program, to help you GET GREAT Persuasive Images and provide feedback.

This isn’t just coaching, it’s a "done with you" type of program. The more you put into it implementing the strategy and taking the images, the more feedback I can provide which will get you better results and more images.

I want you to think of me as a member of your team, specializing in persuasive photo content for the next two months. 



This program is for you if:

  • You are an amazing coach, artist, healer, solo entrepreneur who transforms people's lives through a service or a product and want to create a bigger impact.
  • You have some clarity around your messaging (a direction) and know what you stand for in your business
  • You are clear on the outcome, and the transformation you bring to your clients.
  • You want more than just referrals. You are ready for organic, scalable leads, and customers.
  • You are a committed Individual - the more active you are, the more results you’ll get, and the better I can help you. What I teach inside this program 100% works, but only if you work it.
  • You want images to be EASY without wasting any time
  • You do not like the "look at me" marketing style
  • One of your highest values is Authenticity

This program is not for you if:

  • You’re getting mediocre results on social, but you’re OK with that and not motivated to grow your organic list of clients rapidly.
  • You don’t believe in the power of images
  • You can not commit during 8 weeks to getting the photos taken (which takes 5-10 min a day)
  • You’re brand new to the online space with little or no idea what your niche is, who your avatar is, and what transformation you get your clients.
  • You think you know it all.
  • You’re not willing to show your real life, being authentic and only want photos taken in a studio or some other places you have nothing to do with.



* When you click "I AM IN!"-button, you will be asked to 
1. answer 9 questions that will help me research your business and create a pre-vision for you;
2. schedule a call. We will chat and see if we are a great fit to work together. 

Here's What You Get When You Enroll

During 8 weeks together we will have:

- 8 (eight) live (30 min to 1 hour) coaching calls, and

- many interactions between you and me while working on your images and giving you feedback.

Not only will you get all your essential images done for your website, podcast cover and social media covers, but you’ll also get up to 30+ images (depends on how active you are) identified and taken under my guidance and direction for social media posts.

More importantly, you’ll gain a strategy and develop the skills to create photo content by yourself in the future effortlessly. 

You’ll get access to a Members-Only FB group.

All you need is:

  • your phone and

  • excitement to grow your business.

The Curriculum

Weel #1: Persuasive Images 

You'll understand what kind of images you need and how they work for your business. We'll go through 5 essential elements that each image can easily have to help you persuade and influence your audience.

*Up to 1 hour call


Week #2: Images On The Go

You'll discover HOW to get images without wasting your time. Tips to make them look great.
*30 minutes call




Week #3: Header for your website

You'll get a strategy on creating the main image to get people's attention, build an instant connection and help them GET your message. 

*30 minutes call


Week #4: The rest of images for website

You'll get an understanding of what kind of images you need for your website and covers and how they work. Any website has a limited number of images, that's why you have to be strategic. It is not about having pretty pictures. It is about pictures that sell for you. 

*30 minutes call

Week #5:
Announcements, Ads

You’ll discover how to create images for profile pictures, announcements and ads that make you stand out, maximize your visibility and help your audience to get your message without any distractions.

*30 minutes call

Week #6: Set up your SM for success

You’ll discover how to align your written message and your visual one so it is an easy "Yes" for people to contact or follow you.

*30 minutes call

Week #7: Strategy behind your photo content

While you are getting your images under my direction, I craft a strategy for you. Now you are ready to take it in your hands and I'll explain to you how it works.

*30 minutes call



Week #8: Editing

During this program, my main goal is to help you create a habit of getting pictures on the go. That's why I take care of all your editing since week #1 so you are not overwhelmed. By week #8 you are ready to take care of everything and I'll give you the necessary skills to make your images look great and "readable" for your audience. 

*40 minutes call

This is an application-only program.
It is exclusively for Online Coaches, Healers, Artists and Solo Entrepreneurs 

  • who are ready to take their business to the next level by turning images into a marketing tool to increase their sales.

  • who can't stand the "Look at me!" marketing style 

  • who is craving for an effortless way to get images without spending time or any additional budget

  • whose one of the highest value is authenticity

1:1 Mentoring



  • 8 personal calls that will be set up according to the projects you are working on.

  • 8 weeks of private mentorship,  

  • a customized strategy

  • personalized tasks to create persuasive images for your website and social media (unlimited). 

  • I will personally help you get every single image. 

  • I will personally edit up your images (unlimited), for your website, covers for SM and templates for your announcements. 

  • Filters that work for you and your brand to help your images maintain a cohesive presence across all your platforms, 

  • 1 month of additional support

  • We will cover all your businesses

*all prices are in USD
** payment plan is available

*** When you click "I'm Interested!"-button, you will be asked to
1. answer 9 questions that will help me research your business and create a pre-vision for you;
2. schedule a call. We will chat and see if we are a great fit to work together. 

You’ll Get Results, I Guarantee It

If you show up to the calls and do the personalized tasks that are assigned to you still aren’t able to get persuasive images with a message you can request a refund within 30 days after the program ends.

What people say...


*All images I used as covers for my clients' testimonials were taking by them with their phones on the go


Some "Before and After" examples of my clients