I am Yulia Gladysheva,

a former documentary photographer turned Visual Messaging Coach For Organic Growth specializing in images that support your marketing goals. 


I am a very persistent person if I want/like something. My photography path was long and challenging, but I never gave up, as this is exactly what I love doing! 


Like many family and wedding photographers, I struggled with being unseen (now I know why), having a business that didn't work well and therefore, serving not many people. When I was almost 40 and "serving not many people", I started asking myself "why am I here?". 


Of course, I wanted to do something bigger and really HELP people with what I love doing. Not just delivering pictures that people keep in their computers. So I decided to change the specificity of my work and went through ...   


.... a branding photography program. I loved the idea of working with entrepreneurs as they really need more compelling images to grow their own business.  

Well, that was the shortest ever of my careers but very knowledgeable for me as I understood all the struggles of  entrepreneurs. And not just in theory but also while I was trying to help them by taking their pictures.

It was short because, through my experience, I understood that branding photography by itself is a broken model. 

The idea is great - to be personal. But is it really personal?  

Makeup, hairstyle, special outfit, renting Airbnb to have a great location for pictures or going to the forest to take them, staging, etc. 

And even though my clients were happy with images, in the end, they used just a few of them. 

I absolutely understood why. Such pictures were the same and had nothing to do with them and with their audience. I just didn't know how to change it and help them ... until ...

... I enrolled in Jim Fortin's program (another story I'm grateful for) and got an access to his Sales Psychology Academy.

I found the missing piece! 

Most Unseen Entrepreneurs approach images as pretty pictures. And almost none of them look at images as a marketing tool that can help them focus on the subconscious impact that their social presence and their website is having on their prospective clients.

From then on, everything like a puzzle came together: my experience in documentary photography, branding photography, my values, marketing knowledge and even lockdowns. 

Yes, you heard me right. Even lockdowns.

When I couldn't finish photoshoots with one of my clients because of lockdowns, I asked her to give a phone to her son. I gave them some guidance to take pictures she needed. And you know what? 3 minutes later she got a great main image for her website!

That was the last piece of the puzzle and a very important one.

Stand-Out Entrepreneurs need the freedom to create photo content by themselves, to bring their own experience into their images, to show the transformation they promise to their clients. 

There is no way you can do it in a one-hour photoshoot. 

And what I am doing today is just a natural progression of my business, helping entrepreneurs stand out and sell more by using the right images that they get on the go with their phones.

My girls are a big part of my business. They help me take most of my pictures. Kids are the best photographers! 

Talk soon!


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