*All images on my website and social media are taken on my Phone "on the go" by my kids. Many of my clients use a tripod with a remote shutter. 
When you know what kind of images you need, anyone can take them for you.


When you buy the Visual Messaging DIY online course, you will get a private 90-min call with me FOR FREE (worth $675). It will be added automatically into your Members area. You can use your private call anytime (till the end of 2023), but you’ll get the most out of it if you use it after learning all the modules.










If you are an online coach, announcements on SM about workshops, programs, 1:1 sessions are a big part of your business. And if this simple template is built without

- knowing sales psychology and
- how our brain reads information subconsciously,

then your message could be easily lost in this crowded SM environment.

Let me show you just 3 tips to make your announcements effective so people do not miss it, easily read your message and what is most Important - get it!

I had a client in one of the rounds of my program whose engagement on the same post about her upcoming masterclass 4x increased only because we had changed her announcement picture following the same principles I shared here with you.

I love SIMPLICITY! So I promise... there is nothing complicated :)


3 tips for creating effective announcements for your SM

by focusing on the subconscious impact that your announcements are having on your prospective clients

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Your images are part of the messaging that your prospects read, consciously and subconsciously, when deciding if they want to do business with you.

You are an amazing coach. You know that your work transforms people's lives and your clients forever grateful for the results you deliver them. They recommend you to their friends, but you know you are ready to serve even more people and you are here for a bigger impact. 

That's why you’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into your brand’s messaging and marketing, but...

... have you fully considered the message that your images are giving your prospects?

You probably already know that you don’t need the perfect portrait. You need images that work as a marketing tool that help you get in front of the right people, connect with them  and show the transformation your coaching, product or service can bring them. 


I am Yulia Gladysheva,

a former documentary photographer turned Visual Messaging Coach For Organic Growth specializing in persuasive images. 

I am a very persistent person  if I want/like something. So my photography path was long and not easy, but I never gave up as this is exactly what I love doing! 

Like many family and wedding photographers, I struggled being unseen (well, now I know why), having a business that didn't work well and, therefore, serving not many people. And when I was almost 40 and "serving not many people", I started asking myself "why am I here?". 

Of course, I wanted to do something bigger and really HELP people with what I love doing. Not just delivering pictures that people keep in their computers. So I decided to change the specificity of my work and went through ...   

.... a branding photography program. I loved the idea of working with entrepreneurs as they really need images in order to grow their businesses.  

Well, that was the shortest ever of my careers but very knowledgeable for me as I understood all the struggles of Unseen Entrepreneurs. And not just in theory but also while I was trying to help them by taking their pictures.

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*All images I used as covers for my clients' testimonials were taking by them with their phones on the go


Katie Deming / Host of Born to Heal Podcast.

Yulia’s program is one of my favourites. She makes the process of learning how to take photos and us them for SM in a way that is not only effective but easy. It wasn’t intimidated. Her weekly calls are super short. It was a program where I was making a progress. It was life changing…which is crazy to say but now I’m actually showing up on social media. Thanks to Yulia

2 min video


Staci Ogle / Relationship Coach

I was struggling to get my message across and wasn’t sure what to post…. How am I going to capture this and have photos that represent me? She managed all the things that would make these pictures great. I have a strategy, for the rest of my business career, on how to take pictures. These small tweaks make a huge difference.  It makes life so much easier. I don’t have to spend so much time planning. I can grab pictures anywhere I am.

4:40 min video


Stephanie Cordova / Professional Organizer

Before I didn’t understand when to post, how to post. And you’ve really given me confidence in when I take photos that they’ll look good on my instagram page and on my website.  I really enjoy taking photos now.

1:02 min video

** You can check "Before & After" of my clients at the bottom of my website" 

Images With Messages Sell

Without a message your image just creates more noise. And you already know that social media is crowded, so when your images don’t have a clear message people start tuning them out. This is a huge reason so many entrepreneurs don’t get seen online.

Continuing to use selfies, stock images and cat/dog/kid images is a broken strategy that will continue to get you overlooked by prospects.

And you can’t hire a photographer and expect them to know what your business needs. They are artists, not marketers.

"I had a photoshoot and it was delivered 50-100-250 images but I ended up using no more than 10. They are all the same."

Many Entrepreneurs who thought they can just hire a photographer often tell me:

“I had a photo shoot, and it was a disaster because I had no idea what kind of photos I needed for my branding. I thought maybe my photographer would have had an idea, but I think I ended up doing it wrong." ‚Äč

"I had a photoshoot and it was delivered 50-100-250 images but I ended up using no more than 10. They are all the same.

Most photographers are great artists. They understand design, composition, lighting, and Photoshop, but they probably haven’t read a single book about marketing or sales psychology. These photographers don’t know and haven’t been trained in how to bring your business’s message into your images.

You can’t make an artist responsible for your marketing and expect great marketing. 

The thing is that when you have a great strategy and a few basic techniques for taking your images,
1. you won’t have to hire a professional photographer unless you want to.  
2. your images will be aligned with your written message and communicate the value of what you do
3. you will be using all the images from your photo library that you will keep filling up just taking pictures on the go [I guarantee].

Some of my clients have their significant other, or their kids (7+) take their images and about 70% of my clients simply use a tripod and remote shutter to take pictures by themselves. 


*All images I used as covers for my clients' testimonials were taking by them with their phones on the go


Kim Caruk / Sugar-Free Health Coach

Images of myself was not something I was comfortable with. What we’re actually capturing is real-life images… it doesn’t have to be staged or stiff or perfectly clean. Instead of just telling them in your copy, you’re showing them (what it's like to work with you) in your images.

1:58 min video


Lynn Hadden Quinn / Wellness. Dance Studio.

Before the course, I had no vision for using photos. The pictures lead me. Every day I choose a picture and just write about it and share. People reach out and thank me for posting. Even for my family… I feel so much more grateful for my life because I see it in a different way.

2:28 min video


Michelle Anne Hill / Habits and Nutrition Specialist

I wanted to use professional looking images without having to hire a photographer. At first, I thought the program would be intimidating because her pictures are so amazing but her directions were so easy to follow. And I was able to capture a photo of me, my son and my grandson and I truly cherish it. Now I have direction on what I’m posting and what to use on my website. I like to call the photos I take now ‘pictures with purpose.’ I never worry about the content I want to post because the images always tell a story.  My husband was skeptical about me signing up but he was so surprised how quickly I picked it up. You get to capture moments in your life… beautiful moments and you get to have these images forever and relive these moments.

8:10 min video

** You can check "Before & After" of my clients at the bottom of my website

The whole point of your website and social media presence is
to get noticed by, connect with, and convert your ideal prospects, is it not?

If you continue using staged photos, selfies, and stock images, then you are leaving sales on the table and missing a huge opportunity to have the kind of impact in the world that you know you’re here to make.

If you’re ready to stop playing small and only getting clients by referrals and STAND OUT so that your social presence organically grows your business, then ...

you need compelling authentic images that

  • target your market,
  • talk to your audience's identity,
  • talk to your audience's desired identity
  • build rapport,
  • position you as an authority,
  • show social proof, 
  • engage your prospect’s imagination and
  • show them the transformation your brand promises.

Not bad just for an image, right?

That is where the power to persuade truly comes from. 

When you show up authentically online with a photo content strategy and a clear visual message, you help prospects to see what is here for THEM and decide that you are the right person for them to work with.


*All images I used as covers for my clients' testimonials were taking by them with their phones on the go


Deni Mariscal / Subconscious Healler

There was this frustration for me because I didn’t know what kind of pictures to post. Following Yulia, I really gravitated to her images. She puts things really simple so you’re able to follow her framework. After working with her I feel one thousand, one million percent confident I can put myself out there.

2:33 min video


Ingrid Kleinbauer / Transformational Hypnocoaching

Looking at myself through the lens of the camera helped tremendously to shift my view and my feelings about myself. I got so much clarity on how to show up in my business.

3:57 min video


Jen Tome / Transformational Coach

I had wasted so much time and money going to photo shoots… I felt inauthentic.  It doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day. You don’t have to wear the perfect outfit or clean the house. It’s literally images on the go. I have a library of images that I love, and I don’t worry that I’ll run out of images.

2:49 min video

** You can check "Before & After" of my clients at the bottom of my website

With A Photo Content Strategy, The Right Images Come Naturally

When someone is struggling and unseen, they might think that investing in strategy is not the best use of their time because they don’t understand that a strategy will guide them and make it easy to determine what tactics will work and which will detract from their goals. And that’s why they stay stuck and unable to get clients from their organic social media posts.

You’ve probably already invested a lot of time and money into other programs and implementing what you’ve learned. So you know the value of having a real strategy in your business.

Stand-Out Entrepreneurs know that the time they spend on strategy saves them tons of wasted time, money, and effort in the long run because they are focusing on and implementing things that move the needle in their business.

If you’ve already invested in messaging, copy, ads, social media management, or having a website designed and built, but if you haven’t yet invested in your photo content strategy, then you’re not getting the full return on your investments because everything you learned you continue hiding behind images that, you already know, do not work for your business.  

Even with great copywriting and a well-designed page, if your images don’t align with the rest of your messaging, then you’re leaving ideal clients wondering what the disconnect is, and without clarity and certainty, they don’t buy.


*All images I used as covers for my clients' testimonials were taking by them with their phones on the go


Michelle Kerr / Writer. Connector. Traveler

So much of what people make decision on is not based on the words of your message it based on non verbal connection through imagery so your message conveys the identity that is gonna match the identity of your target market

2:58 min video


Kimberly Morrow / Spiritual Holistic Business Mentor 

You learn the solid foundation for the types of pictures you need to take and all the elements you need to hit for compelling photos. It proved to me that I was able to take incredible photos on my own.

3:11 min video


Gudrun Mahlberg / Dance Therapist & Energy Healer

This changed my life and was far beyond what I expected from this course. What Yulia teaches transformed my everyday life. I started to see the beauty and the magic. I started to see how I had transformed; I couldn’t see this before. It was super practical. I get such heartfelt comments

3:19 min video

** You can check "Before & After" of my clients at the bottom of my website

Do You Need Help To Bring Your Message Into Your Photos?

You're an amazing coach, and you are great at what you do.

You transform people's lives, and people are forever grateful to you!

You want to attract more dream clients and create a bigger impact, that's why you have invested in business programs that helped you get to the next level.

You keep showing up on SM with a strategy you got from your high dollar coaches, but every time when it comes to choosing an image for your copy to show the value of what you do in a way that connects with your audience… you feel stuck.

You were trying to do photoshoots, but not many images that you could use from it.

You are trying to take images by yourself, but not knowing what kind of images you need and how to take them nicely (so you feel confident about them) makes this process pretty hard.

You have a lot of ideas to share with your audience, but not having images is the reason why you do not want to post a lot.

You want to like yourself and your environment in images, but you do not want to spend time on makeup, hairstyle, special clothes and cleaning the house every single time you take pictures.

At the end of the day, posting on SM feels like a hard job. And you wish to release all this stress around images and have a simple way to create your photo content so you can focus on bigger ways to show up and serve people in your personal zone of genius.

I really understand how it feels to be great at what you do but not know how to communicate it visually, so it aligns with your words in a way that connects and converts.

That's exactly why I created the Visual Messaging Mentorship Program

This is an 8-week experience for online coaches who want to start getting Persuasive Images effortlessly, taking from their Phones On The Go to grow their business organically and increase sales.

By the end of our 8 weeks together, you will:

- Clarify your visual message so you can clearly and easily communicate the value of the transformation you promise to your clients through your images the way people say "I want that!"

- Master how to take great images just with your phone and on the go that you do not waste time, STAND OUT from all this noise and create a constant flow of leads.

- Turn your images into a marketing tool to target your market, build rapport, position yourself as an authority, show social proof, create expectations, excite people's imagination. So that your sales call becomes easier because it feels for people that they are connected to you, they know, like, and trust you.

I want you to know that...

- After this program, you will never need a photographer for your business. (And maybe in general as well... )

- Every person that joins the program and does the work leaves with everything that they came for.

- You will have my constant support because it is all about implementation and I know you need my help. That's why the group is limited to 10 ppl.

Visual Messaging Mentorship Program

This isn’t just coaching, it’s a "done with you" type of program. The more you put into it implementing the strategy and taking the images, the more feedback I can provide which will get you better results and more images and the bigger library you will create in our time together.

Visual Messaging DIY online course

This self-paced program is packed full of all the same strategies I teach my private clients. Though because you are going to do everything by yourself, I created very short lessons for you. One lesson is one step towards improving your images. Do not rush. Follow the path I laid for you and I will get you there.


*All images I used as covers for my clients' testimonials were taking by them with their phones on the go


Victoria Brennan / Personal Development Coach 

Before Yulia, I looked like every other coach out there. What Yulia has done is help me to share my values. I have so much more gratitude for my life and my family. Some of the moments I’ve been able to capture are just beautiful. I had very rarely participated in family photographs. Her knowledge is incredible, she’ll help you learn what to look for, what to spot. People message me and say how much they love my photos because they are real.

5:22 min video


Dianne Taylor / Take back your life

I really enjoyed the process and how I can do it all on the go and create pictures of who I am   to connect with my clients

1:07 min video


Justina Gonzalez / Sales Transformation Coach

I was in shock how Yulia is able to apply selling principles to pictures.  She is the one and only person who will teach you how to do this… to build know, like and trust in your images and authority in your profile.

2:17 min video

** You can check "Before & After" of my clients at the bottom of my website

My Persuasive Photography Method

Will Take Your Images To The Next Level

It combines three pillars, so your photos strike the right chord reflecting your values and authenticity so your followers understand who you are, what you can do for them, and can decide that they want to do business with you. Sounds good, right?

The three pillars are:

1. Persuasive Images
2. Images On The Go
3. Visual Messaging

These three pillars work harmoniously together to create images that sell. Why?

It’s about bringing into your images Sales Psychology and a few photography techniques [Pillar #1: Persuasive Images] that help you:

  • target your market, by talking to your audience's Identity and their Desired Identity,

  • building rapport,

  •  build relationship with your audience,

  • establish yourself as an expert/authority,

  • bring social proof,

  • show the transformation that you promise to your clients. 

When you know what kind of images you need and how they work for your business, the next step is getting such images. 

Pillar #2, "Images On The Go", is about integrating the process of taking pictures into your daily life so you can get your images effortlessly, nicely and without wasting your time.

When you got your images, you need to know how to choose the best ones and make some adjustments if needed to be sure your message is clear.  

Pillar #2, "Visual Messaging", is about tools that help you get people's attention, help them "read" your message without any distraction, and, therefore GET your message

Together, my Persuasive Photography Method helps you create images just with your phone and on the go that move prospects into clients easily.


*All images I used as covers for my clients' testimonials were taking by them with their phones on the go


Val Hemminger / Be The Best Divorce Lawyer

I was struggling with how I was presenting in my IG and my FB and I thought I’ve got to level this up. Yulia taught me how to take pictures that show who I am and allowed me to connect with my audience in a huge way that I wasn’t doing before. I see the world differently now.

4:23 min video


Charlotte Heald / Holistic Health Coach

The transformation and the photos I have for my business has been immense. The best part…my children take my photos now. She supports you to create your visual marketing strategy. 

2:24 min video


Angela Noelle / Intuitive Coach + Guide, Chinese Medicine Maven, MAOM

I was feeling really stuck with my photo strategy. I realized, I too, can take professional looking photos from my phone.

2:35 min video

** You can check "Before & After" of my clients at the bottom of my website

Let's Recap

The fact that you’r reading this means that you are serious about being seen and standing out on social media. You know that you need images with a message for your website, podcast cover and social media.

You’ll discover how to stand out on social media with images that build rapport and inspire your prospects persuading them that you are the best person for them to hire.

There are 2 options: 
- the Visual Messaging Mentorship Program 
- the Visual Messaging DIY online course (coming soon)

In the Visual Messaging Mentorship Program  you get a powerful combination of  

  • 8 weeks of  private mentorship, 
  • 8 group coaching calls, 
  • a customize strategy and personalized tasks to create persuasive images for your website and social media. I will personally help you get every single image.
  • I will personally edit up to 45 images.  
  • Filters that work for you and your brand to help your images maintain a cohesive presence across all your platforms
  • 1 month of additional support 

Sooner or later you’ll realize that it is easier to have a solid strategy than to recreate the wheel every time you try to take a great photo.

So right now you have one of two choices and you can only choose one.

You can continue to post to social media with images that don’t persuade your prospects, wasting your time and money while your images (and therefore your copy) get lost in the noise and not having the level of impact on the world that you want to have…


You can join The Visual Messaging Mentorship Program,  get a killer photo content strategy that I will craft for you, increase your engagement, get the attention of your prospects, bring in more sales and make a bigger impact in the world.

Somebody needs what you have to offer and it’s your responsibility to help them. That starts when you choose to be seen and stand out and clearly tell your prospects what you can do for them by aligning your written messaging with your visual messaging.

So what’s it going to be? 

I am interested in Visual Messaging Mentorship Program
I am interested in Visual Messaging DIY course

"Before & After" of my clients I worked with in Visual Messaging Mentorship Program

While chatting with my clients...

While chatting with my clients
Staci Ogle / Relationship Coach
While chatting with my clients
Victoria Bernnan / Personal Development Coach
While chatting with my clients
Gudrun Mahlberg / Dance Instructor, Sacred Feminine Coach and Energy Healer
While chatting with my clients
Kim Caruk / Sugar-Free Health Coach
While chatting with my clients
Ingrid Kleinbauer / Transformational Hypnocoaching

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