Stop thinking you need pictures of what you DO in your business.

Stop thinking you need pictures of what you DO in your business.

where to get ideas for your images Apr 23, 2023

The BIGGEST mistake for many entrepreneurs is they think that they need images of what they DO in their businesses.

... in reality, they need pictures to show who their clients can BE and what kind of lifestyle they can HAVE by working with them.

It is possible that not understanding it,

- you keep using basically the same pictures over and over again.

For example:

If you are a coach and mainly working behind the computer, you use pictures with the phone or a laptop.

If you are a yoga teacher, you use pictures of doing yoga poses.

- or you just feel stuck right away because you do not know how to show what you are doing.

In order to create photo content that sells, you need just BE an example for your prospective clients. Excite them about the transformation you can deliver.

Everyone talks.
Just a few can SHOW that they walk their talk (which builds TRUST that you can deliver)

If you know you have much to share with your audience and want to learn how to communicate it through images, I have a very simple and effective way to create great pictures that show that you live what you preach.

I teach how to do it in my Visual Messaging Program, which is available in two formats:
- DIY online course and
- Visual Messaging 1:1 mentorship.

Have questions? Contact me! I am always happy to help!

Visual Messaging DIY is a self-paced, online course that will:
Change the way your prospects see you…
Change the way you see the world…
Change the way you see yourself…
So you can show up confidently on social media and attract your dream clients.

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