3 reasons you choose to do a branding photoshoot.

marketing photoshoots May 07, 2024


  1. You do not know what kind of pictures you need and think a photographer knows better 
  2. You think you can't take great pictures of yourself 
  3. You think you will receive tons of images to use on SM, which will be enough for you for the whole year 


Now let me save you money 


  1. A photographer doesn't know what pictures you need for your business. As a result you will end up with many amazing images with a computer, phone, writing something, looking somewhere, etc. Does it align with your message? You can't make a photographer (an artist) responsible for your marketing and expect them to know what images you need for your business 
  2. You can keep entertaining the story “I can't take great pictures,” but my practice shows that EVERYONE can take great images. You might not want to take them. This is another question. But trust me, YOU CAN.
  3. Trust me, from any photoshoot you do, you will use 5-10 images maximum, and in between, you will continue using selfies. The variety of images will be pretty poor simply because you can't fit much in a 1-2-hour photoshoot 


The only way to create a great variety of images for your SM to SUPPORT your marketing is to do it yourself. And the system I developed allows entrepreneurs to do effortlessly on the go. 


You invest less than the cost of 1 or 2 photoshoots and get the life skills to create excellent photo content yourself for the rest of your life. 


Have a great day!


Visual Messaging DIY is a self-paced, online course that will help you:

1. Create great photo content on the go just with your phone without wasting time on any preparation.
2. Save tons of money on photoshoots (btw, most of entrepreneurs use max 10 images from each photoshoots) and always have the right image to pair with your copy,
3. Use imagesĀ to support your marketing.Ā (position yourself as authority, build trust, target market, show social proof, excite people to work with you)

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