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Why Documentary style?

May 03, 2024

Do you like documentary films? If so, let me guess why. - In addition to educational value, it offers an intimate window into the lives of real people, which can create a deep connection (if these people resonate with you). Could I be right? It is an art of storytelling.

The same power is behind  documentary pictures, which are waaaaaay easier to create than films. Yet, they have the same power to create a deeper connection, have educational value, inspire people, and  excite them to make changes, which makes this style of pictures a powerful tool for any entrepreneurs to share their message.

As a former documentary photographer with 25+ years of experience, I put together a system that will allow you to start taking great documentary pictures  in just a week. (It took me a bit of time to figure out how you can learn in a week what I learned in many years :)).)

Ready to have images that will support your marketing?





Visual Messaging DIY is a self-paced, online course that will help you:

1. Create great photo content on the go just with your phone without wasting time on any preparation.
2. Save tons of money on photoshoots (btw, most of entrepreneurs use max 10 images from each photoshoots) and always have the right image to pair with your copy,
3. Use imagesĀ to support your marketing.Ā (position yourself as authority, build trust, target market, show social proof, excite people to work with you)

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